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Former Congressman and Riverside County Supervisor Al Mc Candless died Wednesday, Aug. Tickets to the most successful musical in a generation have been as hard to snag as unicorn horns.

A Republican, Mc Candless served a district that covered primarily the San Jacinto and Coachella valleys and San Gorgonio Pass from 1982-1994. No matter where it goes, “Hamilton’s” producers don’t have to worry about trying to sell it.

Almost every business in the USA is running mean & lean.

The very reason many companies refuse to hire is because they intend to continue to get more with less, according to Goggle published news.

It is important to be aware of some of these consequences before your threaten to divorce your spouse.

If you constantly say you're going to get a divorce when you are having heated arguments, but never follow through, then your credibility is undermined.

It can lead a lot of annoying, intrusive comments, especially for women, such as, "Smile! If someone is constantly being told about the false message their face gives off they may also become quite self-conscious about it.

A few factors can cause someone's face portray a mood that's not in line with their actual mental state: In North America the ideal is that people should always look friendly, smiley, and approachable.

The ultimate champion, as legend tells it, was a Thai named Nai Khanomtom, who was granted his freedom after besting one of the Burmese monarch’s top fighters.This article was inspired after reading still yet another internet blog about the adverse effect Bully Bosses are having on Nurses in health care facilities. We love all of your comments and encouragement as well!Many health care facilities have more than a few stories to tell about Bully Bosses! We recently received one of the highest compliments and best indication this web site is getting results, when a health care executive openly called one of our sources a inside his executive office, when we overheard him speaking after he thought he had hung up his phone!A woman with social anxiety may try to look unfriendly and unapproachable so she can ward off uncomfortable interactions.A guy with a history of being picked on may want to look tough or unhinged at all times so no one tries to mess with him.

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