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The series of challenges will involve some of Britain's best-loved toys, including a full-size Lego house, a garden made from Plasticine, and a life-size Meccano bridge.Mr Garner said the attempt had been good publicity for the campaign to re-instate the railway line between Barnstaple and Bideford, which has been out for service nearly 30 years.Sadly eagle-eyed readers spotted it and thought they’d won a prize.

James may is the Top Gear presenter it's OK to like, the one who doesn't offend the sensibilities of the Daily Mail.Yes, he does drive all manner of cars when the green police would really rather he rode a bicycle instead, but then he rides one of those as well (a foldaway version), and though he is by and large the very model of Unreconstucted Bloke, the only thing that is really offensive about him is his taste in shirts.He is crumpled and slightly ramshackle in the flesh, almost donnish.James’ interest in transport doesn’t stop at cars - so much so in fact that in 2006 he pulled out all the stops and earned himself a pilot’s license after training at White Waltham Airfield in Berkshire. May’s journalism career began with the printed word, but in 1992 his stint at Autocar came to a rather abrupt end.Owning his very own plane is one thing, but how flash is it to have a personalised plate on your set of wings? Sick to the back teeth of putting together the Road Test Year Book our Jimmy decided to get creative and spell out a secret message, along the lines of ‘this is a pain in the arse’.

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