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The footage shows a huge dent and a smashed windscreen on the passenger side of a black Peugeot 207CC.Police then arrive at the scene and are seen taking pictures of the footwell.**THE HEARTBREAKING LAST TWEET SENT BY NICKY HAYDEN**Discarded on the side of the road is the bike Hayden was riding when he was knocked off.The Moto GP legend’s supporters have taken to the web to share some of the most touching stories you will read about the man they adore.Hundreds of fans have taken to Hayden’s official Facebook page, entitled “Nicky Hayden- The Kentucky Kid”.Hayden was knocked off his bike while cycling on the Rimini coastline.

He remained close with his core group of childhood friends throughout his life, and he helped many young local racers to pursue their own dreams.He has since been taken home to Owensboro, Kentucky where he will be laid to rest at the St Stephen Cathedral Church on Monday 29 May.The service will be broadcast live on Hayden’s Facebook page so his legions of fans from around the world can pay their respects.Keep reading to see why she was attracted to the dark role and and why her on-screen killing spree was a challenge.It was fun because it's a little different from what I usually do. I'd like to do more of this kind of stuff because it's definitely different and a little darker and more challenging. Definitely, that was a huge part of it, playing something I don't usually get to play.

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