Non sedating antihistamine in singapore

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These were some of the first antihistamines scientists developed. They also work in the part of the brain that controls . One of the most common side effects of first-generation antihistamines is feeling sleepy.

For this reason, they are sometimes used to help people who have trouble sleeping (insomnia).

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These could include pain relievers or decongestants.Drugs that cause drowsiness may add to drowsiness resulting from cetirizine.Learn about allergy symptoms, allergy medicine, gluten allergy, food allergies, seasonal allergies, seasonal allergies, home remedies for allergies, and how to get rid of allergies.The big offender is Nurofen, which can cost 10 times more than generic ibuprofen.Pharmacists are good at giving practical advice on common ailments and will refer on when they feel GP input is required.

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