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Some practices go through the planning process and develop the selection criteria they wish to use.

Other practices begin by selecting an EHR system and then conduct planning to support the selected EHR system.

In short, Process Builder was used to copy the Task.

selecting a record that is updating-20

selecting a record that is updating-43

There are different opinions regarding when the selection of an EHR system should be made in the planning phase.

If you prefer to attempt to retrieve the record first, you can use query, the database will return any rows that correspond to your query.

Peewee allows you to iterate over these rows, as well as use indexing and slicing operations.

Although using custom lookup fields got the job done, it still wasn’t an elegant solution to implement.

In Spring ’17 release, enhancements have been made to Process Builder so that we can easily use Update Records action for Tasks to update the related Account, Case, Opportunity, etc without any workarounds or tricks.

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